Even though I am in the country, I will not go on a trip so frequently, so...

Even though I am in the country, I will not go on a trip so frequently, so when I go occasionally, the night before, I spend a lot of time preparing, not being able to sleep well, even now I became an adult As if excited like a child, I fidget. Well, as for domestic travel, there are many things going to the near field, which can be done in a few hours from home, but even if you say the near field, even if you do not know unknown land that has never been before There are lots of things, so I often get fresh impression. Also, I like going crazy without planning a thorough trip. It is a translation which rough area is kept in mind without setting a clear destination. Because that is fun because we have unexpected experiences. For example, I will go without booking about hotels and inns to stay. Go to the local tourist information office and ask guests to introduce accommodation facilities. In addition, although I take a walk with a hanging out stroll, I eat at a restaurant that I cared about somewhat, but it is fun to talk with people in the shop and tell me about the local knowledge and information. In this way, I think that it is the real pleasure of domestic travel that we can relax and enjoy enjoying ""hilarious trip"" without planning. In the case of

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